*accidentally bullies you in an attempt to flirt*

baconflavoredcosplay replied to your post:i’m putting an evanescence song title in my paper…

As a TA, that shit slays me. I love seeing stuff like that in reports I have to read. Although chemistry students are not very creative. :(

:< aww i’m sorry. i had to do a mini essay over mariana by lord alfred tennyson. the girl in the poem literally says she wants to die in like every stanza, so it just reminded me of evanescence LOL i wanted to put “i’m so tired of being here” under the title but that would’ve been bad


the only naruto head canon that matters is that kakashi’s mom forced him to do rhythmic gymnastics growing up and he liked it so much that he incorporates it into his ninjutsu

i’m putting an evanescence song title in my paper title